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Kanye West is one of the most gifted, multi-dimensional, dynamic, and, yes, controversial musical artists that America has seen in many, many years. Love him or hate him, it is very difficult to ignore the man who calls himself both Ye and Yeezus. But has he gone too far by embracing the Confederate flag as a fashion statement for himself, given the history of racism and racial hate and violence tied to it? Or is Kanye simply doing what we who are hip-hop heads have historically done, sampled and remixed the old to make it something new, different, our own? Wherever you stand on this issue we know social media has literally blown up with talk about Kanye and the Confederate flag. So we here at BK Nation decided to put together a package of five blogs, from five very talented women writers/thinkers/doers, to add some context and layers and additional critical thoughts to this conversation. A conversation, no doubt, that needs to be had. —KEVIN POWELL

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.02.22(Kanye West performing in New York City. Photo courtesy of Kenny Sun)

In Dixie Land where I was born in
by Tieler Giles

“To be sold… A cargo of ninety-four prime, healthy Negroes, consisting of thirty-nine men, fifteen boys, twenty-four women and sixteen girls.” These are the words found in an advertisement in 1769 alerting Carolina planters of a new shipment of human “cargo.”

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You Know What? Kanye West is a Genius.

by Mia Legg

I met Kanye West when I was 10 years old. He didn’t smile or look me in the eyes and he spoke with someone else as he signed an autograph for me.

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Kanye, how can you be so heartless?
by Jennifer Delgado

Yes, it appears that the man who once posed the question, “How Could You Be So Heartless,” has us wondering the same of him, by his recent wearing of a jacket depicting a Confederate flag, and his selling of matching tour merchandise.

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Kanye Get An Amen? Not From Me…
by Kaia Alderson

Here’s my response to Kanye West in four words: Not worth my time. But I can come up with 500 or so more words about it…if I must.

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K-K-K-anye West Has Gone South
by Zoe Spencer

I am compelled to create this blog in response to an email sent by a dear friend illustrating Kanye West’s latest antic.

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