List of Concerns From the Wright Family #Justice4AlfredWright

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List of Concerns From the Wright Family

•The authorities called off the search for Alfred just three days after he went missing, in spite of the fact that they found personal items such as clothing, his wallet and watch within the vicinity of where Alfred was last seen.

•The authorities have failed to collect depositions from the following key individuals involved with the case:
Members of the search party who found Alfred’s body (none of their accounts of the events have been recorded) and Alfred’s wife, who was the last person to talk to him.

•There were three surveillance cameras operating on the premises of the package store, where Alfred parked his car before he disappeared. The one directly in front of his vehicle was ripped from the ceiling. No video coverage has been recovered from the other two cameras. The Sheriff told Alfred’s mother the cameras were broke and informed his father there were no tapes in the cameras.

•The Wright family and their legal team have repeatedly requested to have a copy of the first autopsy conducted by the Jefferson County Morgue. The authorities have refused to release this report.

•The last two people to see Alfred alive were Deputy West who said he had got off of his shift and stopped by the liquor store to pick up a six-pack of beer. He saw Alfred by his truck talking on his cell phone. He also said that he was on his cell phone speaking with his son. The store clerk said she saw Alfred talking on his cell phone and then he got off his phone and put his phone in his sock and started running towards town fast like his truck was about to blow up.

•The Wright family requested a Polygraph test from both Deputy West and the store clerk in November, which have yet to be done.


Alfred Wright with 2 of his sons.

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