Timeline of Events and the Disappearance and Murder of Alfred Wright #Justice4AlfredWright

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Timeline of Events and the Disappearance and Murder of Alfred Wright

Nov 7th: Alfred went missing on a rural back road 4 miles south of a town called Hemphill, TX.

Nov 8th and 9th: Articles of Alfred’s clothing were found approximately 100 meters from where he was last seen.

Officer Michel Ray, and member of the investigation of Alfred’s disappearance, posted this Facebook statement: Alfred is somewhere hiding in a hotel with his feet kicked up drinking beer and watching football.

Officer Michel Ray also stated Alfred was hiding because of an indictment he had in Memphis, TN.

Please read the below article in which Alfred’s lawyer states he refused to take a plea in the Memphis, TN case, because he was innocent:

Nov 10th: Sheriff Maddox called off the search for Alfred after discovering the Memphis, TN charges. In the news Sheriff Maddox stated there were no signs of foul play in Alfred’s disappearance and stated he would call the FBI to take over the case after running out of resources to continue the search. Head of Texas EquuSearch Mr. Miller informed the Wright family that Sheriff Maddox told Mr. Miller they no longer had need of their services.

Nov 14th: After a protest orchestrated by the Wright family in front of Sheriff Maddox’s office, he communicated through Civil Rights Activist Quanell X after refusing to meet with the Wright family, that he did not see the value in continuing the search for Alfred Wright.

Nov 25th: Alfred’s body was discovered by a family-led search party, just 25 yards from where he was last seen. The Sheriff’s department did not take statements from the members of the search party who found Alfred’s body. These statements have still not been recorded as of Jan 5, 2014 by the Texas Rangers who are now covering the investigation.

Nov 27th: Texas Rangers took over the investigation from the Sabine County Sheriff’s department, after persistent lobbying from the Wright family.

Dec 4th: Preliminary autopsy reports showed no clear cause of death and ruled out homicide. The Wright family ordered a second autopsy by a well-respected forensic specialist from Houston, TX.

Dec 13th: The second autopsy released, indicating “findings that are definitely suspicious for homicidal violence.” However, the examiner characterized her findings as “preliminary,” and submitted a request for photos from the first autopsy in order to confirm her initial findings. She has still not received these photos as of January 5, 2014.

Jan 8th: The Sabine County Justice of the Peace released a toxicology report ruling Alfred’s death as “Combined Drug Intoxication,” including cocaine, methamphetamine and amphetamine. It was stated that his death was an accident. The Wright family has stated that based on Alfred’s history, he would not have done this and it is out of his character.