Things Have Gotten To That ( A Blues Suite In 3 Parts) for Amiri Baraka

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By Edward M. Garnes, Jr.

days like this make you question the sunshine

if our north star

transforming realities

can yield to the trick of death

what becomes of our post Obama chances

we are Presidents of blues

humanity pitched and tossed

we may not make it to Sunday

things have gotten to that


nights like this you wish

tears can chase spiked kool aid

now that you are gone

we have lost the bop in our steps

meaningless millennium marches

we may sell our soul

to Barney & Friends

for purple blood diamonds

things have gotten to that


times like this aint no jazzing june

they already quelled

Medgar, Malcolm, Oscar, Trayvon

there is no spare change

on Sweet Auburn Ave

the funk’s lore

has us half breathed

spinning soft black songs

for housewives with no husbands

too low to coup

we just may forget

your epilogue

poems without works

are dead

things have

gotten to that

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