#Justice4AlfredWright Press Release Regarding Texas Resident’s Disturbance of Alfred Wright Peaceful Protest

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Nathan Ener

Alfred N. Wright Foundation
15725 Glendon Creek Court
Riverside, CA
(909) 358-5249

February 17, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

During a scheduled peaceful protest on February 15, 2014, in Hemphill, Texas an intense quarrel occurred between a local resident and a keynote speaker. Nathan Ener, a Hemphill resident, audaciously approached and commenced to verbally assault Mr. Quanell X. This act was not one that was planned, but we respect Mr. X and his right to defend himself and the manner in which he so chose was an individual choice. Be it also noted that Mr. Quanell X did engage in combat with only words to counteract the face to face approach of Nathan Ener. Mr. X did not initiate any altercation and further maintained peace by forcefully standing up to Mr. Ener and his intentional ploy to disturb the peace.

Though the issue was one of verbal nature, we highly oppose any volatile behaviors that may hinder the efficacy of our mission. We in no way condone any actions that may result in harm to any individual directly or indirectly involved with our efforts, but we vigilantly stand for what is just and right. A recurring disappointment came from attending local law enforcement officers of the Hemphill Sherriff’s department who stood by as spectators; failing to sojourn the resident’s actions. After several minutes and a plethora of fierce words, officers finally intervened and escorted the belligerent Nathan Ener away.

Be it known that the Wright family is not affiliated with or under the jurisdiction of any entity or organization. We seek to find answers, information and closure to our husband, son and brother’s violated right to live. We regret this situation occurred, for it is our purpose and objective to

Alfred Wright Foundation
15725 Glendon Creek Court
Riverside, CA
(909) 358-5249

Fight for right, in the right way! Justice 4 Alfie Wright
exercise our constitutional right, in order to attain the justice in which we seek for our loved one, Alfred Wright. We do not promote any violence, malice or anarchy of any manner. Nevertheless, we realize that conflict may arise and we will ever so cautiously address each as they come. We will not be intimidated, bullied or deterred; neither will confrontation retard our spirit to gain JUSTICE for ALFRED. We will continue to pursue justice the right way, in every way, every day.

Sincerely Committed,

The Wright Family