BK Nation LIVE: Alex Carabaño @AlexCarabaño

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I co-own a restaurant called The V-Spot as my full-time job but perform stand up comedy & create YouTube videos in my spare time. I do not have a manager nor agent within the entertainment business but I have been luckily enough to land gigs on TV. I have been on BET’s “Apollo Live” performing a brief stand up comedy set, the CBS’ series premiere of the reality show, “The Job” which was produced by the acclaimed Mark Burnett (Survivor) & hosted by Lisa Ling. I was also on Montel Williams’ show “Living Well,” in a NIKE & Footlocker commercial as a soccer player & have been featured in the Daily News, PETA Latino, & New York Times Food blog. Our restaurant has been featured on Telemundo, News 12 Brooklyn, & in El Diario, The Daily News, & PETA Latino.

Website: makefunnotwar.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexCarabano
Instagram: http://instagram.com/alexcarabano
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MakefunNotwar

BK LIVE March 14