The BK Nation INTERVIEW: Five Fatherhood Questions for @ChrisRock #FathersDay

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BK Nation: What does fatherhood mean to you?

Chris Rock: It just means that my life isn’t all about me and that’s a great thing.

BKN: Have you had a relationship with your own father? If so, what was it or what has it been?

CR: I had a great relationship with my father. He passed in 1998. I saw him everyday and he not only taught me how to be a man, but because I was the oldest of 7 and he was the oldest of 13 he taught what it meant to be the oldest. He taught about being responsible for others at a young age and the importance of my actions on my younger siblings. He taught me how to lead without saying a word.

BKN: What do you feel are the most important attributes of being a father, and what kind of father are you or would you want to be?

CR: The most important attribute in being a father is just being a consistent person, being the same dad every day. Eighty percent of being a good dad is just being available.

BKN: What do you say to men and boys who do not have fathers in their lives?

CR: What do I say to men and boys without fathers in their lives? Don’t let it define who you are. Don’t blame your failures on the fact you don’t know your dad cause people who know their dads fail all the time.

BKN: How much, in your opinion, is fatherhood tied to manhood, and why?

CR: Fatherhood can be a part of manhood, but I know way to many good men too without fathers to say you can’t have one without the other. On the other hand when I’m watching sports center I can pretty much tell most athlete’s relationship with their fathers just by the way they carry themselves.