The Herbert Holler: Coincidence, Shmoincidence

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By Herbert Holler

Synchronicity is the sh*t that happens when sh*t happens coincidentally but all too coincidentally to just be written off as mere coincidence. Some things in life qualify as “just coincidence,” but there are also things that no-way/no-how/can’t be. They have to be a sign or some sh*t. It’s during those “can’t-be” moments that I start paying very close attention, as I kinda believe that it’s affirmation that I’m on the right path. For instance:
1) Last month I got this very cool gig–playing the 60th birthday of some guy who curates Greek art at a major museum, and it was at this amazing, private auction house/gallery/mansion on the Upper East Side. It was grand, but it did come with a good amount of jitters, for I was asked to play a lot of classic Cuban and Puerto Rican music. I kinda know my sh*t, but I didn’t wanna walk in there thinking I know my sh*t cuz I have a playlist full of Buena Vista Social Club and Rebelion. So, with direction from the client (LOVE client direction; I learn so much!) and hours of research, I beat the jitters back and jacked some bodies.

2) Then … like the next day … I get a call to spin the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s Hall of Fame Gala at Cipriani Wall Street! What?!? Hispanic what??! Another one?? Wow. Okay. Whatever. So yes … more jitters … more client direction … more research. (It went off without a hitch. And now I’m a huge fan of Gloria Estefan’s “Mi Tierra.”) I mean … I always said I need to brush up on my Latin-music mixing, so …Thanks … Fate!

3) BUT THEN … a few days later, I get a call to do this party on top of Rockefeller Center, and what kind of music do they want?? Yep. You guessed it. LATIN.



I’m on the right path.