Because I Can

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Photo and graphic by Micaela Adams

Photo and graphic by Micaela Adams

By Marcie Cohen

She looks up at him with big, brown eyes full of hope and says, “Daddy, some day I’m gonna be The President of the United States.”
He looks at her and smiles, though he doesn’t take it seriously.
But, to her, his smile means, “I CAN.”

She performs in her first dance class, and sings in her first choir recital.
She says, “Mom, I’m gonna be the next Beyoncé.”
She looks at her, thinking, “Isn’t she precious?”
But, to her, that embrace says, “You make me proud.”

She graduates from high school first in her class
She says,” Someday, everybody’s gonna know my name.”
They dismissed her ambition, mistaken for silly dreams,
And, to her, their indifference means, “You’ll never make it.”

She stands proudly at her college commencement
She thinks, “I can achieve anything I want.”
She holds her head up high with a bold realization
And, to her, it says, “You are free to be great.”

No matter what anyone else says,
I will forever be the baby with the brown, hopeful eyes
And I know that my dreams will come true
Simply because I believe I CAN.