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By Chris Barnes

Spygate, Deflategate, etc. The beat goes on with the Patriots. They cheat.

Tom Shady does not accept punishment for his transgressions, even though Roger Goodell heard his case twice and upheld his four-game suspension. The lowly equipment managers involved lost their not-so-highly compensated jobs. They must seek new employment to survive. Tom goes home to the lovely Giselle and their substantial bank accounts.

If Brady continues to fight the league-imposed sanction it could cost the Patriots dearly on the rocky road to the playoffs. Team Tommy will face the Steelers, Bills, Jets, and the Cowboys during the first quarter of the 2015 NFL season. Even with backup QB Jerry Garoppolo at the helm, I see the Patriots at 3-1 when Super Bowl MVP Brady comes back from exile. Take your medicine early, Tom, not later.

The Patriots final four opponents? Texans, Titans, Jets, and Dolphins. Can you say cake walk? None of those squads made it to the NFL’s postseason dance last season.

Mr. Goodell: Do not waver. You made a decision. Don’t back down!

The Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens, the teams that the Pats vanquished on the path to their Super Bowl victory pushed hard for the four-game suspension of Brady. Colts Owner Bob Irsay needs to get off his high horse. How will Roger Goodell handle the felony drug charges against Bob? The NFL’s morality play never ends.

Tom Shady, you destroyed your phone, but you can’t destroy the hard evidence.

It’s fourth and goal and Tom Shady’s legal A-Team won’t back down. No interceptions at the one- yard line like last year’s Super Bowl to save the Cheatriots! #guilty.