The Drunken Truth

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By Trevor Jackson

Close your eyes and envision America really being great again. A great and diverse America, one that stands up in the face of injustice and fights for what is right. Where all agendas are pushed to the side and everyone representing the people acts on behalf of the people—in the pursuit of the betterment of our country. Open your eyes, look around, and tell me what you see.

I see a country that’s being exposed—put in in a blender and shredded. An election year that looks more like a reality show. Media outlets selling their own version of World Star Hip-Hop. Ratchets wearing suits—using big words and pushing big agendas while numbing the public’s mind with senseless Clinton and Trump banter, without addressing the things that really matter.

Unarmed Black bodies lie in the street like road kill while Black Lives Matter activists cover the screen of our TV sets. Meanwhile, we hear endless chatter about deleted emails and Trump — the orange-faced, toupee-clad narcissist — says anything to stay on the TV 24/7.

Since President Obama’s election, America regressed with regard to race relations. Couple that with Donald Trump in the political arena and America became a race riot waiting to happen. Opinions that used to be kept private now become conversation norms—transparency abounds. Hate is real and love is fake—expressed with a cheap $2 grin as cold as a mid-January blizzard in Central New York. America’s unhidden truth exposed. Stop denying it! Address it.

We judge and we ridicule—placing the blame on everyone and everything but us. The country that bragged about being a melting pot grew scared of its identity and what made it great. The deep-rooted prejudice in people became as ugly as a pimple on a pre-pubescent teen. Our great, embattled country force feeds us a steady diet of prejudice and hate, through lies and miseducation. Generational hate gave rise to insecure men and women who hide behind the face of Donald Trump—clinging to their privilege like an older woman clutching her purse on a dark city street.

The 2016 election presents America with two choices, running campaigns that seem to be designed to turn America upside down. Hate and ignorance poison this election cycle. The future of our country seems to be the last thing people discuss.

Racial, gender, sexual, and socio-economic issues put the spotlight on our country. A spotlight that won’t go away until we agree to disagree and come to an understanding of our differences. LGBT, straight, Black, White, Mexican, whatever. We’re Americans and in order for America to be great again we must move toward solutions that benefit all classes and races of people. Both major-party candidates benefit from the ignorance, insecurities, and fears of people. In the age of social media, we know how everyone feels. We haven’t stood this far apart as a nation in a long time. A wise man once told me that “A drunk mind speaks the sober truth.”

America — the once lean, mean high school quarterback, with a lively arm — sits on the couch … overweight, drunk with a couple of beers, singing an unpleasant truth.