World Series: Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians

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By Chris Barnes

Harry Caray, the legendary Cubs broadcaster, just rolled over in his grave, and screamed, “The Cubs Win. The Cubs win.” And Bob Uecker has been resting his Cleveland Indian’s raspy vocal cords to yell, “He missed the tag.” – in the front row in the World Series. The Windy City and Believeland made it to the World Series.

In the words of Terry Cashman’s immortal song, “We’re Talking Baseball.” Let’s do it!

Fans of the Cubbies know that the franchise’s last World Series victory came in 1908. As Sam Cooke told us, “Change Gonna Come” … only if the Cubs win four more games. Cleveland followers only need to look back to 1948 to recall their team’s last victory in the Fall Classic.

Who will get the job done?

Let’s review their respective journeys. The Cubs owned the best Major League record at 103-58 and beat the Giants and the Dodgers in the playoffs. The Indians regular-season record stood at 94 – 67 and they defeated the Red Sox and the Blue Jays in the post season, but both teams start the World Series at 0-0. Getting there was fun, but now they confront the ultimate test.

Sports fans love to see new franchises in Championship Series. They get tired of watching teams like the Yankees, Patriots, Yankees, Celtics, and Lakers enjoying victory parades. Come Tuesday, baseball enthusiasts will be gorilla glued to their television sets watching the new kids compete for preeminence on the big stage.

The fans of both teams will be the ultimate winners, regardless of which team wins the Series—soaking up the euphoria that they never experienced in the past. The water cooler talk and the memories will last a lifetime. Play ball!