Lebron’s Witnesses

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By Terry Williams

When he first knocked on the windows of our souls, he amazed us: a teenaged phenom who graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. From humble beginnings to accepting gifts *(clears throat)* money for his talent. I’m glad that he puts himself in an aerial position to help his friends’ and family’s finances. Dubbed King James before the age of 20, his athletic prowess made him appear to be hand-picked by God and worthy of the alias, “The Chosen One.” He played the game of thrones with many teams in the NBA. The battle at the Alamo, made Lebron 0-1 in The Finals. After losing to Boston in 2010, faced a turning point. An estimated 10 million witnessed his Decision ….

Cleveland burned with anger when #23 decided to go to the Miami Heat. They burned Lebron’s Cavs jersey and owner Dan Gilbert quickly said some unflattering things about him. The court of public of opinion convicted the King of taking the easy route to a championship.

As a business — and a man — why can’t a king make his own choices? The saltiness he felt toward the haters bled into the wound and stung during his second loss in The Finals. The “Chosen One” wore the villain crown for a period of time—embracing the title as he won his first NBA title. Wade and Bosh took a backseat as James led them to two championships. Though he lost in The Finals again, during his last season in Miami, the gorilla of public opinion finally lifted itself from James’ back. After shedding the bad-boy image, he played as himself. We witnessed a spark of brilliance during Lebron’s tenure with the Miami Heat.

After his time in Miami, he made a better-informed decision to return to Cleveland. Northeast Ohio welcomed him back like an ex-lover, while other parts of the country loved to hate him. Lebron James wanted to redeem himself for his previous exit and bring a championship to Cleveland.

After his first season back in his hometown, exhaustion, injury, and the Golden State Warriors took their toll as the Cavs failed to capture the league title. In 2016, James confronted a new, historic challenge. Down three games to one against the reigning NBA champs, the doubters didn’t believe. Fans kept the faith in Believeland. In seven games, after a 52-year drought, they triumphed.

No matter where Lebron goes, he’s a magnet for winning … a magnet for edge-of-your-seat game play … a magnet for our eyes to be stuck on a wide-screen TV. He’s the greatest basketball player to receive this amount of hating. Can I get a witness?