Keeping the Pressure on Congress

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By Anne Duffy

I went to DC with two friends, my sister-in-law and two nieces. Two of us are retired Buffalo Public School teachers, one is currently teaching, my sister-in-law is an emergency room NP and my nieces are in college. One of them writes for the UB Spectrum (newspaper) and I can’t wait to see what she writes about our day.

I knitted the hats for our group so we fit in nicely. I made a sign to bring and someone in a Facebook group I belong to mentioned that those marching should carry names of women who couldn’t march by putting them on the back of their signs. I joined that effort and carried more than 75 women’s names with me. I’ve never met the majority of them and it was fun to include them in some small way so they could feel like they were participating.

We went by bus from Buffalo and spent 10 hours getting there and 11 hours getting back. That part wasn’t so terrific, but it made the march possible. The march was more than I imagined. Just to be a part of that huge group of women united in spirit was incredible. The mood was intense and good humored at the same time and it was as if there were no strangers.

My feeling is that none of this will have any effect on trump since he seems incapable of processing anything that doesn’t flatter him. The point has been made over and over though that members of Congress are beginning to listen, so we’ll have to keep the pressure on them.