Not Backing Down

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By Linda Amrani

There were four of us–my husband, son, and son’s friend joining me–so we drove to Washington DC (more economical). At our rest stop in Maryland we got the first inkling of what the day would be like–dozens of buses, hundreds and hundreds of women, most wearing something pink, getting coffee and snacks. The building and parking lot were overrun. The energy was incredible–joyous and bold. I had used to reserve and prepay a parking spot at Howard University Hospital, far enough away from the rally point to not worry about closed streets. We already had metro cards to ride the six stops to the rally but we couldn’t get on the trains–they were all packed to capacity. So we set out to walk the two miles to the rally. Streams of people were doing the same thing, and the closer we got the more people joined from converging streets and avenues until we were thousands, and we still weren’t at the rally point. When we finally got in eyeshot from a slight rise looking down on the mall, the sight that greeted us was incredible. I knew instantly we were on the largest march ever to descend on DC. Pardon me, but all I could say was “holy shit.” And I turned to my son and his friend and said, “You are part of history now.”

The rest of the day has been reported – crowds more than twice what was expected, a march so large it had to be broken into separate routes. The route we took was right up Pennsylvania Avenue, past the Trump International Hotel which is now the subject of ethics violations, and to the corner of the grounds of the White House where a sex molester now profanely sits in all his narcissistic glory.

I was so proud of those women–and men–I marched with. They showed no signs of backing off. There was no whining there, just an unrelenting defiance. But all of this will come to nothing if that energy isn’t put to use in a very practical and organized way now to stop Trump’s hateful, violent, warped agenda. This is where our complacent society too often fails. Millions marched against the Iraq war too, but it happened anyway. We can’t fail again.