How to Properly Listen to Young Thug

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By Justus Dashield

During my hip-hop debates about Young Thug’s music, I encounter two different types of people: those on the far left or right of the spectrum. People love or hate his music. As I reflect on why people feel so strongly about his artistry, I discovered the key differences in these individuals. Those who claim to dislike the artist do not know how to listen to his music, which makes them miss out on the “Young Thug experience.”

His fans accept that his lyrics do not contain much depth or express any meaningful message. Artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z create music to be listened to closely for meaningful lyrics. With Young Thug’s music, leave your thinking cap at home because he designs it to SOUND good. Accept his incomprehensible words and focus solely on the sound.

To grasp a better understanding of his music, take a look at the artwork on the cover of his newest album, Beautiful Thugger Girls.

The artwork portrays his overall vibe for the album: a mixture of hip hop, country, and pop/rock. Take a closer look at the cover. Do you notice anything wrong? Look at the guitar Young Thug. It’s upside down! Did I ruin the picture for you?

People tend to over-analyze the often random and meaningless things that Young Thug does—distracting from appreciating the music at face value. The beauty of his music lies in how each part flows perfectly with the next in order to give the listener a specific vibe or feeling. He communicates through his vocals—using his raspy auto-tuned voice to make beautiful melodies on each verse and the hook of his songs in place of audible and meaningful lyrics.

Take it at face value. Do not waste your time trying to decipher his lyrics! Here’s a tip: While listening, close your eyes and think of bubble gum.


If you made a song out of bubble gum it would sound just like “Take Care” by Young Thug. He makes music for people to enjoy mindlessly—constructed to sound good, not to help you better understand the world or comfort you through difficult situations in life. If you look up his lyrics you will find complete nonsense … like the upside-down guitar that you found on the album cover. Now go ahead and enjoy some more Young Thug music!