Donald Trump Makes CNN The Best Reality TV of 2017

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 By Justus Dashield

 On today’s episode of Keeping Up with Trump, the Donald insults yet another person via Twitter. Before Trump won the election, I had very little interest in politics and would steer clear of CNN. This all changed after his first week in office. Every day brought breaking news about something Trump did, said, or tweeted that offended someone. One day I got so sick of hearing Trump’s name repetitively so I changed the channel in search of informative television. Finding nothing of substance success, I settled for Love & Hip Hop. While watching I could not help but notice the parallels between reality television and CNN. So many that I would say that at times I could barely tell the difference. It led me to conclude that CNN is now the best reality show on television.

 Don’t believe me? Let’s break down the meaning of “reality television.” According to it’s defined as “television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative.” It’s crazy to think that CNN—or media in general—has become more entertaining than informative. Ever since Trump started spewing incorrect information, CNN has had it in for him. Every chance they get they effectively make Trump look as illogical as possible, which unfortunately distracts the world from focusing on bigger issues like how many times Trump blamed Obama for all of his shortcomings, for example.

All reality television shows are the same. They feature two types of drama: friend-group drama and interpersonal relationship drama. In Trump’s case, consider the Russia investigation in which he got caught in a “cheating” scandal between the United States and its once-ally-turned-mortal-enemy Russia. You heard whispers that something might have happen before the season started followed by a vague statement in the middle of the season that he neither denies or accepts the truth of these rumors. Finally, we come to where we are today—the end of season sit down with Andy Cohen trying to get to the bottom of this ridiculous controversy.

Let’s not forget about my favorite drama: the friend-group drama. This kicks off with one person—usually the leader of the group—ostracizing someone else because they deem that person to be a threat to their power. When you think that the ostracized person will be phased out and replaced, he/she becomes irrelevant. They produce some information that is extremely damaging to the leader of the group’s image. Of course, in this situation Trump is leader of the group and James Comey is the ostracized ex-friend and his breaking information was his opening testimony during the Russian investigations.

Who would have predicted that CNN would be your number one source to get your daily juicy gossip? I can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment.