Land of Nightmares

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By Trevor Jackson

President Trump told the dreamers that they can’t dream: shackled them and threw them into the likes of purgatory. The gumbo—cooked in the American melting pot—seems far less palatable now. A country that sells itself as the “land of opportunity” and perpetuated an image of diversity went backwards. America’s greatness rests on the freedoms and opportunities it gives its people. The fact that you can speak out makes America so beautiful. This doesn’t absolve our nation, it provokes more discourse.

President Obama enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) to shield 800,000 immigrants from deportation and enable them to take jobs and get an education. Some deemed this executive order unconstitutional since Obama put it in place without the support of Congress, which didn’t sit well with his right-wing critics.

America must be safe and we must secure the borders. Deporting young men and women whose parents brought them to America illegally, in most cases unknowingly, shouldn’t be an option. With an average age of 26, these documented immigrants earned high-school diplomas, GEDs or veteran status, and committed no felonies or significant misdemeanor convictions. Beyond that, they must be deemed to pose no threat to national security or public safety to qualify for DACA

With a negative worker replacement rate, America needs immigrants to maintain a strong economy. If 91% of the employed documented immigrants lose this their jobs, the nation will lose 60 billion dollars over the next decade alone. No one will benefit from that kind of economic displacement.

This battle to cleanse America takes away its very soul. The same men who rush to legislate this morally bankrupt law forget that their forefathers came to America to seek opportunity for their offspring. A group of middle- to upper-aged White men wants to send a large population of minority immigrants home.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: The difference between the immigrants then and now is that these immigrants are “minority” immigrants. I refuse to believe that a group of immigrants in which 45% are in school, 65% pursued educational opportunities after DACA, and 72% are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or higher are dangerous. They contribute to America’s economy and pose no threat.

When we deport non-criminals, we fail ourselves. Terrorist organizations must be neutralized and the American people should be protected always. Violent gangs made up of undocumented immigrants must be taken off the streets of our cities and towns … as well as the American born terrorists who terrorize groups of people for their race, sexual preference or religion.

Disenfranchised dream chasers built America and perpetuated the false narrative of a morally just society. The molten tar of unbridled hypocrisy smothers our nation. Behind the blood-stained veil of this country lives a nation of beautiful people who find themselves being pulled apart, manipulated, and divided. We need them to come together and let the dreamers keep dreaming. This great land that we inhabit didn’t always exist. It—like the dreams of the modern-day dreamers—was stolen out of someone else’s sleep.




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