A Walk through My Fears – Part I

By Nancy Faram Growing up, I remember vividly trying to mirror my mother’s every step. The way that she walked and that she held her head when she came into a room always intrigued me. She was smart, independent, a...

The Escape

By Christina Stopka-Rinnert It has been one decade today: ten long — and short — years since I packed up and left. My heart still crashes against my ribcage at the memory. My palms sweat thinking of the last ...
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I Was Surviving Just Fine ‘Til You Offered Me Cake

(Beyoncé and Tina Turner. Photo courtesy of EMPICS) By Tara Prairie With all the discussion of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Grammy Awards’ performance the only thing that bothered me were the lyrics. They are disrespectful to Tin...
Andia Winslow Heart Disease

The Write Fit: Heart-Healthy Kitchen Workout

The key to staying healthy on a busy schedule is to multitask. In Andia Winslow’s latest workout video you will learn how to complete your daily exercise in the kitchen and help fight heart disease!
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Depression: At Eternity’s Gate

By Christina Stopka-Rinnert I wonder at the stigma attached to mental-health issues. Why can’t you admit that you have depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder? Why hide those diseases when folks who suffer from heart di...

Detours on the Road to Happiness

By Charles K. Poole I am intrigued by people. What we do, how we think, what we hide. The ways that we express ourselves. How we create social hierarchies and choose to love or hate. I’m always observing behaviors,...

I Found My Father

By Kevin Powell FINDING MY FATHER THIS WEEKEND…I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the social media posts, texts, and emails of support when I mentioned the other day I was driving from New York City to South ...