About Allen Callaci

In no particular order, BK Nation contributor Allen Callaci is a librarian, lead singer for the band Refrigerator and author of the upcoming memoir “Heart Like a Starfish”.

Tom Petty’s Golden State

By Allen Callaci The official record would have you believe Tom Petty was a native of Gainesville, FL. Like the blindest of flat-earthers or most entrenched of moon-landing deniers, I don’t buy into that. As a Southern C...
bkn ation_Spider-Man-Homecoming

Spider-Man: The Last Hero of Summer

By Allen Callaci The 2017 bumper crop of superhero films continues—a batch of movies that merged their DNA with other cinematic genres in much the same way that Jeff Goldblum’s genes merged with that of a housefly in Dav...

The Summer of Dangerous and Wonder(ous)Women

By Allen Callaci  The first weekend of June brought Ariana Grande back to the area where a month earlier 22 people lost their lives and more than 100 others suffered injuries in a horrific suicide bombing attack at a Gra...

Adam West: The People’s Batman

 By Allen Callaci Adam West belongs on that short list of things that it is impossible to imagine the universe being without: Mount Everest. Refrigeration. The Beatles. Freeways. Adam West. You take your Christian Bales,...

Bernie Wrightson: The North Dark Star of Youth Goes Dim

By Allen Callaci I didn’t pass high school freshman pre-algebra because of Bernie Wrightson.  Instead of studying logarithms I turned my adolescent attentions to the dark lines and inky shadows of Wrightson’s drawings co...

Kurt Cobain at 50: Come As You Are, Stay As You Were

By Allen Callaci Pushing a squeaky shopping cart stocked with a dented box of Rice Krispies, a gallon of milk, and a tube of Crest toothpaste in the express lane at the local Stater Brothers is the last place one &hellip...