About Allen Callaci

In no particular order, BK Nation contributor Allen Callaci is a librarian, lead singer for the band Refrigerator and author of the upcoming memoir “Heart Like a Starfish”.

Rogue One Nation

By Allen Callaci For Force-sensitive Star Wars fans as crushed by the lack of an iconic opening crawl in front of Star Wars: Rogue One as they were when Jar Jar Binks uttered his first words and Greedo shot first &hellip...

Sighing Eternally in a Leonard Cohen Afterworld

By Allen Callaci What you are about to read started out as review of Leonard Cohen’s new album, You Want It Darker. The first lines of that review were to have gone roughly like this: On his latest release, You … ...

Vin Scully: The Voice of Summer Grows Silent

By Allen Callaci I’ve always felt that I was talking to one person. But I’ve never envisioned who that one person is. — Vin Scully I was not the best hitter on my little league team which was named afte...

I Love You “Stranger Things”… Now Please Just Go

By Allen Callaci I fell harder for Stranger Things this year than any other TV show. How can one not? If my adolescent subconscious had been given the power to create a TV show back in 1983, Stranger Things would &hellip...

Radiohead’s Stark Side of the Moon

By Allen Callaci We last heard from Radiohead five years ago. The band’s 2011 release, King of Limbs, sounded more like a mishmash of Thom Yorke’s solo material and half-finished Radiohead demos than the groundbreaking r...

An Appreciation of Prince

By Allen Callaci How do you write when your head will not stop spinning? Prince left us. What can I say about a visionary artist and his rich musical legacy that nobody else has said? His 1987 masterpiece Sign ‘O &hellip...