About Allen Callaci

In no particular order, BK Nation contributor Allen Callaci is a librarian, lead singer for the band Refrigerator and author of the upcoming memoir “Heart Like a Starfish”.

Peace, Love, Paris and the Eagles of Death Metal

By Allen Callaci Eagles of Death Metal, Band Playing during Paris Attacks, Cancels Remainder of Tour — Los Angeles Times, November 14, 2015 You never think that an international incident of cold-blooded terrorism w...
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An Open Letter to the Chicago Cubs

By Allen Callaci Dear Cubbies, This lifelong Dodgers fan who never wrote to a faceless, multi-million dollar sports institution understands that desperate times call for desperate measures. Donald Trump leads the Republi...

The Pope Francis Effect on a C- Catholic

  By Allen Callaci My spotty spiritual biography reads like this: I was raised Catholic. My mom took me to mass every Sunday. I paid monthly penances inside the quiet confines of a narrow confession box for each and...

Ten Years Later: The Hurricane Katrina Blues Revisited

By Allen Callaci This week marks a decade since Hurricane Katrina landed. I was in Memphis in the days following Katrina, working on my master’s thesis about the role of the Blues in contemporary literature and there to ...

Yvonne “Batgirl” Craig: A Terry-Cloth Appreciation

By Allen Callaci Yvonne Craig, Batgirl from the classic Adam West Batman TV series flew away. The actress lost her battle with breast cancer at age 78. There was far more to Craig than just being Batgirl of course. She &...

To Pillage a Mockingbird

By Allen Callaci The vultures are here to see you Ms. Lee. They’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. In fact, they’ve been patiently waiting over 50 years for this very moment. They’re tired of circling. They hunger ...