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Byron Hurt is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, lecturer, writer, and activist. His website is www.bhurt.com. He tweets @byronhurt
What Is A Father?

Remembering Daddy JC #FathersDay

By Byron Hurt (April 5, 1918-June 5, 2014) Eulogy delivered on Thursday, June 12, 2014, 11 a.m. Oak Grove Baptist Church, Milledgeville, Georgia Good morning.  I am Byron Hurt and I am the grandson of James Carroll Hogan...
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Michael Sam, Locker Room Hero

By Byron Hurt The men’s football locker room is a unique, exclusive place generally reserved for tough, hard-nosed gladiators, team managers, and occasionally, coaches. It is an off-the-field refuge where teammates...
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Rape, A Loaded Issue for Black Men

By Byron Hurt One of the most stressful and challenging conflicts that affect me during a rape case occurs when the alleged perpetrator is a Black man. As one of many Black males who consistently speaks out against all f...
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Miami Dolphins, Manhood, & Hazing

By Byron Hurt The emerging story of hazing gone wrong on the Miami Dolphins football team reveals a practice that has been on-going in the NFL and other traditionally all-male spaces for decades. Offensive lineman Jonath...