About Charles K. Poole

CHARLES K. POOLE is the author of I Am My Own Cause: An Unfiltered Blog - View of Life As I See It and I Am My Own Cause, Too: Hope and Recovery. He is an award-winning public relations and communications professional, former journalist and communication/journalism professor,and President/Chief Strategist for PooleProof Communications, LLC, a communications, public affairs and reputation-management firm.

How Obama the Candidate Became Obama, My President

By Charles K. Poole I’m tough on politicians. That’s because I’ve worked in politics and for politicians, so my perspective about what makes them tick is defined by having seen and heard too much while dealing with their...

2016 Was Hell, But I’m Not Afraid to Live in 2017

By Charles K. Poole I began 2016 simply relieved that it wasn’t 2015. Or 2014. Those were particularly bad years, as my younger sister and older brother passed away less than a year apart over the course of that ti...
What Is A Father?

Happy Father’s Day, Mama #FathersDay

By Charles K. Poole I don’t give a lot of thought to Father’s Day. I’m not one (a father, that is), so there’s no connection there. And although I really didn’t have a chance to know my father (he died …