About Charles K. Poole

CHARLES K. POOLE is the author of I Am My Own Cause: An Unfiltered Blog - View of Life As I See It and I Am My Own Cause, Too: Hope and Recovery. He is an award-winning public relations and communications professional, former journalist and communication/journalism professor,and President/Chief Strategist for PooleProof Communications, LLC, a communications, public affairs and reputation-management firm.

Detours on the Road to Happiness

By Charles K. Poole I am intrigued by people. What we do, how we think, what we hide. The ways that we express ourselves. How we create social hierarchies and choose to love or hate. I’m always observing behaviors,...

Help Create the World in Which You Want to Be Free

By Charles K. Poole Today, I listened to the news, checked out social media and reviewed some recent articles about topics ranging from politics to popular culture. When I finished, I wasn’t inspired. Rather, I fou...