About Justus Dashield

Justus Dashield is a hip hop culture and music enthusiast, who also runs a street wear company call CONCEPT UNKNWN. He currently studies economics at the University of Maryland in hopes of working in the music industry on the marketing side one day.

The Nasty Truths of Being Black in College

By Justus Dashield “Don’t worry high school is almost over, college will be so much better.” These words got me through high school. I could not wait until I graduated high school and went to college: freedom and accepta...

Donald Trump Makes CNN The Best Reality TV of 2017

 By Justus Dashield  On today’s episode of Keeping Up with Trump, the Donald insults yet another person via Twitter. Before Trump won the election, I had very little interest in politics and would steer clear of CNN. Thi...

How to Properly Listen to Young Thug

By Justus Dashield During my hip-hop debates about Young Thug’s music, I encounter two different types of people: those on the far left or right of the spectrum. People love or hate his music. As I reflect on why people ...