About Michael Cohen

After retiring from his position as superintendent of the Brentwood Schools, New York State's largest suburban district, Michael resumed his adjunct teaching career in the mathematics department at Hofstra University. Mr. Cohen resides in the Village of Brightwaters on Long Island with his wife Margaret, a retired high-school teacher, and two of his three children.
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My Oscar Protest

By Michael Cohen I will not watch the Oscars this Sunday night because they hold no artistic or cultural relevance. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Remember: The greatest director in the history of the medium—Alfred...

Muhammad Ali: A Special Multimedia Tribute

WATCH Muhammad Ali Funeral Live Here at 3pm EST By Michael Cohen, BK Nation Editorial Director Writing this opening proved to be an onerous task. I spent countless hours reading and editing the reflections of a diverse g...

JFK: A Remembrance

By Michael Cohen I finished my test before the other students in Robert Crowley’s eighth-grade mathematics class at W. Trespar Clarke Junior High School in Westbury. That’s what math geeks do. They finish ear...

Branding Bad Health

By Michael Cohen Does anyone else spend countless hours surfing the Internet or am I just behind the times? Maybe I am. I don’t do Facebook and I don’t do Twitter…although Kevin Powell won’t be happy to hear that. This &...

Corey Swinson: A Remembrance

 By Michael Cohen Corey Swinson was a force of nature. For those who knew him and who loved him—and there were countless folks who did—we know that we will never see his like again. High-school athlete, intercollegiate a...