About Tayllor Johnson

Tayllor Johnson is a spoken word artist from Los Angeles, California currently living in New York City with the hopes of diving ever deeper into her mission: Find new ways poetry can empower the voiceless, soothe the wounded, and disturb the status quo, setting us all on a path to freedom. tayllorjohnson.com

Moonlight: a poem not only for Black Men

by Tayllor Johnson Before actually seeing the film, social media and my friend group were already abuzz with “Moonlight” praises. I was told this film brought to light a narrative rarely explored in mainstream cinema, th...

Open Letter to Self-Doubt

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 By Tayllor Johnson I never thought that we would be this close or take things this far. You were always the acquaintance, the mutual friend that stood behind the group and watched the rest o...