A Note from Michael Cohen, Editorial Director

Michael Cohen, Editor, BKNation.org
When my good friend Kevin Powell asked me to serve as the Editorial Director of the new BK Nation website, I was really floored. First off, I’m 63 and a life-long math geek. I continue to spend joyful hours teaching calculus at Hofstra University. After retiring from my career in public education, I vowed to use my precious time doing all the things that I never had the chance to do in the past. But, in all honesty, Editorial Director of a cutting-edge website didn’t seem to be in the cards.

Yes, I attended every competition in which my children participated as high school athletes. Beyond that, I jumped back into politics in a big way, serving as Kevin Powell’s finance chair for his 2008 Congressional campaign. We fought the good fight but came up short. For the first time in my life, I worked to hone my skills as a writer—not a typical math geek pursuit—and watched with great pride when my articles appeared in New York’s Newsday. Through it all, I maintained my lasting fascination with popular culture.

As your editor, I want this to be a go-to site for people who care deeply about the great/not-so-great issues of our time…and, occasionally, simply want a few moments of diversion from the daily grind. Yes, we want to hear your opinions about whether or not the federal government should collect and store data on you and me. But, we also want to know who you listen to when you go for a run, ride a bike, or work out.

Kevin gave me a simple charge, “We want content from a diverse group of voices, across race, gender, class, religion, ability or disability, sexual orientation. I even want things I/we may not necessarily agree with.” That means we want to listen to you.

Send your submissions to me at: blog@bknation.org

I can’t wait to get them. Rest assured that we will read every one and give you feedback.

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