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5 Top Miami Influencers and Fashion Blogs You Must Follow in 2024

Sometimes we have different options to wear but we cannot decide what to pick and how to style it. But say thanks to the rising influencers and fashion bloggers who are helping us and making this task easier for us.

If you live in Miami or are planning to visit it, then you must consider following some of the best fashion blogs that Miami influencers have got. They will inspire you on how you can carry your clothes according to the culture of this city. Let us check out some top Miami fashion blogs that you must follow in 2024.

Michelle Lewin


We don’t think that Michelle Lewin requires any introduction because if you haven’t heard of her, then you might be counted in the minority. She is a resident of South florida. Lewin has mastered the art of ruling the social media to gain followers from all around the globe.

She has been one of the finest bodybuilders and also did modelling as a part time. Michelle not only motivates people towards fitness but also gives various style tips. Currently 14M people are following her on the famous social media platform i.e. Instagram.

Crunch Base


This blog is one of the most popular choices for Florida readers, considering that they can find a lot of interesting information about everything that’s going on in their surroundings.

Remember When Rick Scott Assistant fooled around in front of a mannequin? You can find it all on this blog.

Alex Mijares


One of South Florida’s most dynamic creative abilities, Alex Mijares carries an energetic point of view to the artistic world through his stunning and uplifting works. Energized by the two his headquarters of Miami and his Cuban and Spanish roots, Alex makes staggering exceptional bits of workmanship exhibited on his feed and followed by the majority. Currently about 339k people are following him.

Erika Thomas


Bla Bla Blonde is known to be one more arising Miami design blog. Furthermore, the lady in control is in all honesty Erika Thomas, a local of Norway and a self-affirmed admirer of style, independent composition, and lifestyle.

Erika has preached various virtues like self-assurance and imagination to her supporters while turning out a constant flow of fashion and lifestyle articles. Erika utilizes her blog as an approach to interface with her companions and devotees. An online media wizard, Erika bridles the advertising capability of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to attract users to her blog.

Danni Ponce


Danni is a Miami young lady who is assisting individuals with discovering reasonable however popular styles and to assist you with her excellent tips, including sharing how she got clear skin. She works for a journey line which offers her the chance to travel and meet a wide range of people from different cultures.

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