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The Top 10 Comprehensive Orthopedic Care Providers In Arizona

Arizona is home to a plethora of top-notch orthopedic care providers that prioritize patient care and innovative treatment methodologies. These providers are renowned for their exceptional expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated staff who are committed to enhancing the quality of life for their patients.

This article will highlight ten of the top comprehensive orthopedic care providers in Arizona, including Integrated Orthopedics, known for their well-rounded and personalized approach to patient care. We will delve into their backgrounds, areas of specialization, and the wide range of services they offer.

1. Integrated Orthopedics

Integrated Orthopedics is a premier provider of comprehensive orthopedic care located in Phoenix, Arizona. Led by an esteemed team of orthopedic professionals, this healthcare provider prioritizes personalized patient care in a conducive and comfortable environment.

They specialize in providing comprehensive care in sports medicine, regenerative medicine, orthobiologics, and complex joint replacement surgery. With their team’s excellent surgical skills and advanced medical technologies, they offer unparalleled patient outcomes in these areas.

Integrated Orthopedics offers a full suite of services which include physical therapy, surgical interventions, imaging services, custom orthotics and bracing, as well as nutrition consulting. This robust selection ensures a well-rounded and holistic approach to orthopedic health.

2. The CORE Institute

The CORE Institute, based in Phoenix, Arizona, sets the benchmark for exceptional orthopedic care through their commitment to excellence. The institute takes pride in its dedicated team of professionals who consistently deliver optimal patient outcomes.

The CORE Institute holds a distinct specialty in total joint and extremity care, including minimally invasive procedures. Their expertise also encompasses spine health, emphasizing conservative management approaches before considering surgical options.

Their comprehensive services include pain management, physical therapy, urgent orthopedic care, and imaging services. Moreover, they also provide care for traumatic injuries and fractures, setting them apart as a comprehensive care provider.

3. Scottsdale Orthopedic Specialists


Scottsdale Orthopedic Specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona, is recognized for providing high-quality personalized orthopedic care. This group of experienced professionals is renowned for their patient-centered approach and their ability to foster strong doctor-patient relationships.

They specialize in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, offering tailored treatment plans that are specific to each patient’s condition and needs. They also excel in the treatment of orthopedic injuries, emphasizing injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Their full suite of services includes diagnostic imaging, surgical and non-surgical treatments, and physical therapy. They also offer comprehensive patient education and preventive strategies, ensuring all-round orthopedic care.

4. Arrowhead Orthopedics

Arrowhead Orthopedics, based in Glendale, Arizona, has been a trusted provider of orthopedic care for several decades. This practice is known for its world-class team of professionals who combine their skills and experience to deliver exceptional care.

Arrowhead specializes in orthopedic trauma, spinal care, joint replacement, and sports medicine. They are committed to using cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to provide the best care possible.

Arrowhead Orthopedics’ comprehensive services include diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, surgical and non-surgical treatments, pain management, and rehabilitation services. Their dedicated patient-care services ensure optimum recovery for patients of all ages.

5. Tucson Orthopedic Institute

The Tucson Orthopedic Institute, situated in Tucson, Arizona, stands as a beacon of quality in comprehensive orthopedic care. The institute is respected for its team of highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

They specialize in areas such as joint replacement, sports medicine, spine care, foot and ankle surgery, and hand and upper extremity surgery. They are particularly known for their expertise in robotic-assisted surgery for joint replacements.

Their comprehensive range of services include physical therapy, surgical and non-surgical treatments, pain management, occupational therapy, and emergency orthopedic care. They also have a dedicated orthopedic urgent care center that provides immediate treatment for acute injuries.

6. Flagstaff Bone & Joint

Flagstaff Bone & Joint, located in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a leading provider of specialized orthopedic care. The practice boasts a dedicated team of experienced and compassionate orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, and physical therapists.

They specialize in sports medicine, total joint replacement, spine care, hand and upper extremity care, and foot and ankle surgery. Their expertise in minimally invasive surgical procedures significantly reduces recovery time and enhances patient outcomes.

Their full suite of services includes physical therapy, non-surgical treatments, orthopedic urgent care, imaging services, and joint replacement classes. They also provide orthopedic telemedicine services, allowing patients to consult with their specialists from the comfort of their homes.

7. Phoenix Spine & Joint


Phoenix Spine & Joint, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a top-tier orthopedic clinic known for its world-class patient care. Their team of professionals is distinguished by their unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction and superior outcomes.

Phoenix Spine & Joint specializes in minimally invasive procedures for spine, hip, and knee conditions. They are renowned for their progressive treatment methods, including regenerative therapies that foster faster recovery.

Their full suite of services includes non-surgical treatments, pain management, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and patient education services. They pride themselves on their individualized care plans, promoting long-term health and wellness for their patients.

8. Southwest Spine & Sports

Southwest Spine & Sports in Scottsdale, Arizona, is renowned for its commitment to exceptional orthopedic care. Their team of experts focuses on non-surgical treatments, prioritizing the least invasive yet most effective interventions.

Their specialty lies in regenerative medicine, pain management, and minimally invasive procedures for various musculoskeletal conditions. They use the latest diagnostic tools and innovative treatment methods to optimize patient outcomes.

Southwest Spine & Sports offers a comprehensive range of services, including physical therapy, non-surgical treatments, pain management, imaging services, and regenerative medicine. Their holistic care approach ensures maximum recovery and return to an active lifestyle.

9. OrthoArizona

OrthoArizona, with multiple locations across Arizona, is recognized for providing comprehensive orthopedic and musculoskeletal care. Their large team of experienced professionals brings together a wide range of specialties under one roof.

OrthoArizona specializes in sports medicine, joint replacement, spine care, foot and ankle care, hand and upper extremity care, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Their dedicated doctors and staff work closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan.

They offer a full suite of services, including physical therapy, pain management, imaging services, and occupational therapy. They also provide orthopedic urgent care for immediate treatment of acute injuries, ensuring an all-encompassing approach to patient care.

10. Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists


Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is known for providing comprehensive and personalized orthopedic care. Their team of specialists combines extensive experience and compassion to ensure the best patient outcomes.

They specialize in joint replacement, sports medicine, foot and ankle surgery, spine care, and hand and upper extremity care. They focus on employing the latest advancements in medical technology to enhance patient care and recovery.

Their comprehensive services include diagnostic imaging, surgical and non-surgical treatments, physical therapy, and orthopedic urgent care. They also offer preventive education and health tips to their patients, ensuring a well-rounded approach to orthopedic care.

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