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Is It Mathematically Possible To Beat Roulette

Though the roulette game looks easy, it has its own complexities. All you need to do is choose a random number and color on the roulette wheel. However, to figure out where the ball will reach on the roulette wheel, you have to consider various factors such as the total speed, ball position, and gravity.

Compared to the American roulette table, you can easily win on the European roulette wheel. There are multiple strategies, for example, the martingale system that includes doubling the bets after a failure, which utilize mathematical theories to boost the chance of defeating the roulette table. However, a computer science professor named Graham Kendall says that casinos still have a high probability in all the existing strategies.

If you are interested in playing online roulette, open this link, and you can see various types of roulette wheel games. Beginner and experienced roulette game users often put their effort into discovering new strategies to win against the roulette wheel. Though the probability normally stays in favor of the machine, you can succeed in the roulette game using a few methods. In this post, we will thoroughly explain whether it is mathematically possible to win against the roulette wheel.

Basics Of Roulette


The format of the roulette table is carefully schemed and displays specific properties. In general, the roulette wheel has two different layouts: American roulette and European roulette.

In the roulette table, there are a total of 37 spinning numbers. In that, there are 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers, and a green 0. However, you will have two green boxes with 0 on the American roulette table. Half the numbers are odd, the remaining ones are even, and 0 or 00 is neither odd nor even in the roulette table. Players can make bets on a single number or two or more numbers, and the rewards are different for specific numbers.

You can make the bets when the dealer or device says “place your bets” and until it shows “no more bets.” After the ball has stopped on a number, the players who bet on that specific number will be rewarded. Plus, the dealer takes away the chips from the users who lost the bets.

The players can make either simple or multiple bets. However, if you make simple bets, the probability of winning is around 47% to 48% in the American roulette wheel. In the case of multiple bets, depending on the type of bet, the winning chance ranges from 2.60% to 63% in the American roulette wheel.

Is It Mathematically Possible To Beat Roulette


From the mathematical viewpoint, you can understand that every bet is a trial with two apparent results: success or failure. Besides that, the likelihood of the ball landing on each number is the same. Due to that, the probability of hitting a single number while playing once or only one game is 1 (1/37), which is nearly 0.027. In short, if you plan to play the roulette game only once, then the average chance to pick the right number is 2.7%.

If you are playing two games, the probability is 2, which means you have a 5.4% chance to hit the number. For three games, the possibility will be 3, and so on. Hence, the likelihood of every game is still 1, and if you want to play 37 games, the total probability will be 37, so you can predict to win at least once.

The Martingale System


One of the best roulette strategies to win in the roulette game is the martingale system, which is used by entry-level players and also experienced players. The martingale system is quite popular because it ensures success as long as you possess a sufficient amount of money which you need to double the bet after each failure. Make sure not to strike the table limit.

For instance, let’s say that you have made a bet on a red box with one chip. So, if the ball stops on a black box, then you will lose the bet. In the Martingale system, the player will have to double the bet, so you need to bet two chips again on the red. Thus, if the ball lands on the red, you will obtain those two chips. With that, you can recoup the loss from the earlier session along with winning an extra chip.

However, if the ball lands on the black again rather than red, you will need to double the chips for the next round, which means you must put four chips on the red again. Likewise, if you win in the next session, you will get all the chips along with recovering the previous losses. If you lose again in the next round, then continue making the bet until you win.

As the martingale system revolves around doubling the bet after every loss, you need to have plenty of money to win in the roulette game. Though this is a slow method, it guarantees a win without losing your money. But, even after losing continuously, you should try till the last round and make sure not to give up in the middle as it might cause heavy loss.

The martingale system is known for its simplicity and is the most beneficial strategy to win against any type of roulette table. However, as there is only one zero in French roulette and European roulette wheels, there are better chances of winning the bet.


Bottom Line

In short, roulette is a fun, easiest game that has its own sets of complex things. It is possible to defeat roulette, but for that, you need to understand some mathematical calculations, statistical data, and physical phenomena, which can modify the possibility of a few numbers to come in your favor.

There is a chance to win against roulette by understanding the total appearances of the numbers on the roulette wheel. Besides that, you have to list down the numbers that appear frequently. However, it is better to keep in mind that the winning possibility is still high in favor of the roulette table.

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