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Why Is Gov. Rick Scott Spending So Much Money on Political Consultants? – 2024 Guide

The desire of every man is to succeed in life. Some have a clear plan, which they follow from an early age, and some have a blurred vision. Also, not everyone starts from the same positions. Rich families have easier access to education and all the benefits, and those of lower material status certainly need more effort to make their dreams come true. There are no rules, surprises are always present and possible, so sometimes we are surprised when the face of someone we knew is shown on TV, and who has become famous and successful.



One such example is Richard Lynn Scott, an American businessman and politician. A member of the Republican Party, he was a senator of California, and then the 45th governor of Florida, from 2011-2019. Born in 1952 in Bloomigton, Illinois, he grew up in North Kansas City, Missouri, in a family with five children, where financial worries were present on a daily basis. His parents divorced when he was very young and he never met his father.

A family of five, a stepfather, a truck driver, a hard life of the lower middle class, did not promise a rosy future for Rick Scott. According to the Scott Jason Cooper, he graduated in Law from North Kansas University, went to the United States Navy, where he spent 29 months in the service, as a radar technician. On his return, his life moves upward. He became a Bachelor of Science at his home University and earned the title of Doctor of Laws at Southern Methodist University. This type of education really contradicts the ice penis scandal.

He received a license to practice law in 1978. A persistent, hard-working and ambitious guy begins to realize his dreams of a better life. While still in college, he invested in a failed donut shop, which he picked up and introduced home delivery… Clear and insightful, he saw opportunities on various occasions. After graduating, he worked as a lawyer in Texas. He made a big step forward in collaboration with Richard Rainwater, an investor from Forth Worth, with whom he invested heavily in Columbia Hospital Corporation. Rick Scott is starting to get in, expand his business on various sides, and enter politics, as a powerful, influential and rich man.



As early as 1990, he collaborated with George W. Bush, so that his political ties multiplied and strengthened. He continued in that manner, entering their businesses, expanding them, strengthening his ties with businessmen and politicians. Of course, there are failures on every road, which did not bypass him either.

He is also exposed to criticism and objections, business failures… like anyone exposed to the public. Given this status, Rick Scott allocates large amounts of money and directs it to pay his advisors. Maybe someone thinks this is unnecessary, but every intelligent man, especially in a high position, must be aware that he cannot know everything alone. Every business or political activity must be considered from all sides, carefully and professionally analyzed and evaluated by competent people. Therefore, counselors are necessary and awareness of their necessity must be present. Scott believes that investing in advisors is a good investment, because it provides a more realistic aspect of each issue.


Modern business and politics have overcome outdated and proven inefficient methods of autocratic and independent decision-making. More minds, experiences and eyes see and evaluate better, so that everyone who cares about their business and reputation has a whole team of experts with them, who help them in analyzing and making all decisions. Obviously, this is the method of Rick Scott that he adheres to and that he propagates through his work and success.

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