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4 Useful Miami Travel Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2024

Many opportunities have been denied to all of us by COVID-19. Due to the isolation and a slower way of life with many fears, we forgot how it feels to travel and have some new adventures. Well, it’s time to turn a new page in 2024 and start writing exciting memories.

How do you feel about traveling to Miami? If you are looking for a place of many adventures, beautiful beaches, high temperatures and good nightlife, this city should be at the top of your bucket list of cities you should visit in the States. To find out what makes this city unique, what it has to offer, what its advantages and possibilities are, we offer you 4 useful Miami travel blogs & websites to follow to keep you informed about every event.

1. Miami and Beaches


One of the many sites where you can find many amazing and different offers is definitely It offers a wide range of activities that are waiting for you in Miami. If you are looking for a hotel, whether you want to be on the beach, downtown or on the periphery, this site helps you choose. They emphasize the offer of extreme things that you can try in this city. They also follow trends and have many tips for interesting places they would like to post on your social networks.

2. Eater Miami


Very organized site with great and detailed content. For all you kitchen lovers, this will be a favorite site when you find yourself in Miami. At this place you can find many specialties that you can try in this amazing city. A list of specially prepared foods with photos and descriptions will whet your appetite. Also detailed instructions are shown restaurants with great cuisine, where you can try each specialty individually.

3. Scott Cooper Miami Beach


An unavoidable blog related to the city of Miami should be exactly this one. According to its founder, Scott Cooper Miami Beach entrepreneur, this is an internet platform that promotes the daily lifestyle in Miami, talks about culture, education and of course tourism, as the leading areas in which this city rests. Readers are also able to leave comments and ratings so you will have a true picture of the good places worth mentioning.

4. Art Blog Miami


If you thought that Miami is all about luxury, beautiful beaches, restaurants and hotels, you are wrong. Miami has such a rich cultural life. Art is very important to the inhabitants of this city, as well as to the many tourists who are more and more numerous. On this blog you can find many cultural and artistic events in Miami, as well as more about all the museums that this city offers.

Art exhibitions are always one of the options here, so take some time and enjoy the art. In addition to these, there are numerous blogs that you can visit to get more information about Miami 2024. Which blog you choose depends on your wishes, whether you are looking for accommodation, a restaurant with good seafood, visiting museums or you want to try water skiing. All you have to do is bring a good mood and head to Miami this year, and the rest will come itself.

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