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Popular Politicians That Play Casino 

Casino games are a form of gambling and for many people, gambling and politics have some things in common. It is becoming increasingly known that even throughout the history of casinos, it wasn’t only meant for the poor.

There are many celebrities and known persons including politicians that played casino games. Yes, there are politicians who play casino games and some even continued playing it even after occupying political positions for a long time in their casino rooms that were only meant for a few persons to enter.

Nowadays, a lot of popular people including politicians have decreased their visits to land-based casinos to avoid the paparazzi and avoid the eyes of rippers. They now prefer to play casino games online where they can have their privacy. To find the best casinos online, head over to and check out the good casinos there. If you want to know some of the politicians that played casino, then here are there:

1. Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln is the 16th president of America and from a young age, Lincoln was already a casino game player. During the time of Lincoln, the casino game that was most accessible to the environment that he stayed in was the poker game which was played on the riverboat where he was working at a young age.

It was said that from his childhood, Lincoln was already addicted to gambling and it all started when he refereed a cock fighting game and from there he continued playing and betting in all kinds of casino games, majorly poker.

Abraham Lincoln was known to have a ritual where he started every poker game he played with the sum of 1 cent as of then. He was honoured for this ritual by so many casinos when some of them released new cards with his image in them. Abraham Lincoln is one of those known politicians that played casino.

2. George Washington


Although many think the casino dates back to his days, Washington was a gambler who enjoyed placing his bets on casino games like bingo and others like horse racing and cock fighting. This president was an exceptional poker player and this helped him in planning and strategizing during his tenure. We all know that one of the advantages of playing casino games like poker and bingo is that it helps us to improve our mental health and this is exactly what it did to president Washington.

During his time, during the war of independence, he was among those that brought the best plans that were used during the war to defeat Great Britain. He developed several working war strategies which contributed to the fact that playing casino games helped him do it. Other games that president Washington played were horse racing and cock fighting.

3. Warren Harding


Warren Harding was the 29th president of America who was known to have one of the worst administrations in the history of America and so there was nothing much expected of this president other than playing poker. This president of America was a lover of the casino games called poker and he could bet even his last money to play the game.

His passion for poker led him to lose many things that he owned. There was a Cafe that he ran before known as the Marion star where he stayed all the time to play poker with his employees. No wonder that he didn’t know how to put his administration in order.

He was known to suffer loss most of the time he played poker-his favourite casino game. There were many times that he was cheated heavily in the game. There was a time while playing poker on a train, he was cheated by a gang of criminals who used marked cards to play the game but he still didn’t learn his lesson. It was in the course of playing poker that he lost the expensive Chinese porcelain that had been in the white house.

4. Dwight Eisenhower


Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t an ordinary casino game playing politician, he was a real poker shark who made a lot of money playing casino games. Being a poker shark means that he knew how to play the game so well that he didn’t almost stand a chance of losing whenever he played. There was a game he played twice a week with a general called George Patton which was only open to unmarried people to enable them to bear the loss that may come out as they play the game.

Dwight was known to always take all the money to the table that he played in because of his incredible skills while playing the game. He used some of his winnings to buy things for his wife when he was still courting her and also to buy his first military uniform. Dwight was known to stop playing to win all the money in his later years.

5. Ulysses Grant


Most of the time, many researchers argue that playing poker and politics have many things in common and their qualities can be used to support each other. Although Grant did not hold any high political position before he became a president, many people respected him on the fact that he was a very good commander of his time.

He played poker very well. Grant was among those politicians that played casino games like poker terribly and this aided the piling up of his debts and eventually died a destitute. Politicians also play casino games and some of them who were mentioned in this article were even the pioneers of some casino games like poker and bingo.

Some of these politicians were good at this game while others only ended up in depts that they didn’t pay off. Politicians like Abraham Lincoln, Washington, and others who were mentioned in this article played some form of casino games like poker and bingo.

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