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Are There any Cheats for Destiny 2 

If you have ever played any game in your lifetime, then you must have realized some guys often find shortcuts others are not aware of, which potentiate particular benefits crucial to the game timeline development.

In a nutshell, every game should have cheats, since a game represents a man-made multimedia application susceptible to further modification. Thus, it is perfectly valid to claim that all the knowledge one should acquire to use the shortcut is already determined by the game developers.

Now, when Destiny 2 is in question, you should be aware that even though there are no official cheats, there are ways to enjoy particular benefits if you learn and take specific, seemingly random steps at the right time. Thus, read the following lines and figure out how to make the most of your Destiny 2 playing time. 

Financial Aspect 


Destiny 2 is a free-of-charge gaming experience that anyone with an online connection and a particular hardware configuration can be a part of. Surely, the progress and the success rate of a player are not directly linked to the financial aspect, but it can make a huge difference, especially when performance and ranking are in question. 

To make a long story short, we should emphasize that some players consider in-game purchases a cheating mechanism. The concept is self-explanatory since it is easy to draw a parallel between the ones who pour their blood, sweat, and tears to reach particular heights, and the others who get the same credits by paying for the service. Therefore, if you were wondering whether in-game purchases could make the journey easier for some players, the answer is positive. 



Back in the day, there was no real difference between a cheat and a code, or a cheat code, if you prefer it. Namely, some game developers used to reward the gamers upon finishing the main storyline, while others packed cheats inside CD cases or they made it a segment of extra features reserved for the most faithful fans. Nowadays, the concept has evolved drastically, even though the purpose of the cheat codes remained the same. 

Namely, what one should receive upon entering a particular code is a specific perk or perks, a player would proudly use during the game. Fortunately, a great deal of the Destiny 2 codes is free of charge and can be acquired in different ways, at peculiar times.

Most players are aware when these codes are available so the difference they make reflects in generally available perks. Still, not everyone makes use of them due to various reasons such as the late arrival of information. 

On the other hand, Destiny 2 potentiates specific codes designed for a single-use, as well as the ones the players receive upon finishing peculiar tasks. Also, a relatively atypical way to get your hands on a code for Destiny 2 is to purchase special edition Rock Star energy drinks hiding valuable pieces of information. 

The way you get your hands on a code is not as important as using it in a timely matter is. Likewise, it is of utter importance to emphasize that you can use a code regardless of which console you use for the game. Thus, do your homework and keep an eye on limited offers, current Destiny 2 events, specialized websites, such as destiny2-sherpa, or any other alternative means of acquiring codes that should enhance your gameplay. 

Guns and Cheats 


You cannot expect a shooter game’s storyline not to be closely related to the weaponry it potentiates, therefore, it is obvious why having peculiar guns is more welcome than having others.

Fortunately, players can lay their hands on a vast majority of weapons the enemies drop out. Still, you will not have the opportunity to utilize every piece of shooting gear solely by killing the foes around you. Namely, to handle real power you would have to do things in a particular fashion.

The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to bring some truly unique killing gadgets to light, so we advise you to do your homework and realize whether investing your time and skill into expanding your arsenal with hard-to-get weapons is worth it. 

Chests and Cheats 


Some chests are bigger than others, even though the difference is only visible upon the opening, and sometimes, a player is required to work his way through the game in a peculiar fashion in order to be able to see the chest in the first place. You will hardly make any progress in Destiny 2 if you turn a blind eye to the content chests keep safe for the winners. 

You will encounter numerous chests on your way through the game, but some you might never face if you do not take specific steps. For example, if you fail to activate the 6 rings on your way down to the safe platform just before you encounter the final boss in the Eater of Worlds raid lair, the hidden chest will never become available for you to loot it.

Surely, this is not a unique case of hidden chests in the game, moreover, we used this example to show you how the concept works, therefore it is up to you to find ways to activate the hidden content and use it to level up your game. 

Repeat the Treat 


Even though this approach to using game programming is not actually a cheat, it can help you get your hands on specific goods without lifting a finger. Namely, you should know that chests respawn after some time, so you can use the same chest almost as many times as you find it appropriate. 

What you should do is find a safe spot close to the chest and wait for it to reappear in front of you. Now, even though this might sound alluring, the reward is not as free as it seems in the first place, since it will cost you your time. Thus, assess whether waiting for the box is worth your time, or you should focus on more rewarding tasks. 

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of suggestions will do the trick and teach you how to make the most of your Destiny 2 playing time. Thus, focus on what you reckon is important, and feel free to consult the text above as many times as you need. Destiny 2 grows constantly, so the more you learn, the chances your skillset will develop similarly are major.

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