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Destiny 2 Leveling Up Tips

Do you love to play Destiny 2? Well, at the start of each new season in Destiny 2, the maximum Power increases by a specific amount.

The maximum Power increases by 10 over the majority of seasons, but by considerably more during expansions.

You can appreciate the game’s content more by spending less time grinding Pinnacles thanks to this very small increase in Power caps.

Players who have missed more than a few seasons will still need to make up lost time. If you wish to level up and enjoy your game time, here is how you can do it.

What is a power level?

Each piece of armor and weapon in Destiny 2 has a Power Level.

The maximum number of pieces you can equip that have a Power Level is eight; consequently, your overall Power Level is calculated by adding all of your equipment and dividing by eight.

Depending on how they are earned, each season’s equipment contains a variety of caps.

The names of these caps are the Floor, the Soft Cap, the Power Cap, and the Hard Cap (more on these later).

What to know about max level


In Destiny 2, there are three levels of leveling, and it takes a specific combination of resources to advance through each level.

In fact, the seasonal artifact has the potential to increase Destiny 2’s maximum level cap past 1580.

At the beginning of each new season, you are given this item. As you level it up with Experience Points, you’ll get access to a number of perks, including temporary bonus levels that increase your Power and let you level past the level cap.

To see the details, including how many experience points are required to level up your artifact’s bonus once more, move the cursor over the bar and find your answers.

Numerous aspects of Destiny 2 are reset and altered at the conclusion of each season.

This includes the artifact, whose advantage from the power level must be re-earned by spending experience points.

Additionally, the actual gear limit will increase, often by 10 each season.

Destiny 2 Leveling up tips: top 3 to follow

1. Earn bounties


When you reach level 6, you’ll be able to take advantage of bounties, which are prizes for accomplishing specific goals, such as killing a certain number of opponents of a certain species or class or killing a certain number of foes without dying.

The square bounty board with three circles and varying colored bars can be located at the top of the second set of steps leading up to the left side of the Tower.

You can look around, and even add bounty items to your stockpile.

Bounties are a great way to get experience and level up because you can earn up to 5,000 XP from a single bounty.

To give you some perspective, if you were to receive a payout of 5,000 XP, you would instantly jump from rank 9 to position 10. How amazing is that? All characters share the same Season Pass Challenges, experience, and glimmer, but receive different daily prizes, so make your choice wisely.

2. Legendary gear

The key to efficient leveling is learning which sources drop which Power loot, and there is quite a few to pick from.

When you first start playing Destiny 2 or a big new expansion, you can just level up whatever you like. Here are some key examples:

  • The enemy’s droppings are blue and purple.
  • Opening and completing missions (Strikes, Crucible, Lost Sectors, Public Events)
  • Item Vaults
  • Clan Rewards for Individuals
  • Legendary Raids (like Last Wish and Garden of Salvation) that aren’t featured on the weekly rotation
  • Legendary Dungeons (like The Shattered Throne and The Pit of Heresy) that aren’t featured in the regular rotation.
  • Reward items from Xur’s Paraversal Haul in the 30th Anniversary DLC

Doing tasks that require Powerful Gear or Pinnacle Gear will also help you out, albeit the rewards will be scaled to your current level rather than a huge jump forward.

Your Engram collection has a menu where you may view each Engram’s Power. Since you’ll be obtaining new gear so frequently until you reach the Powerful Gear level, we recommend waiting to begin infusing (which allows you to alter the Power of a specific piece of Gear by ‘eating’ another) until then.

3. XP farming + daily challenges


Many people have the misconception that farmers regularly engage in unethical behavior. Getting experience through farming is dependable for your successful gameplay. Experience points in Destiny are obtained by defeating adversaries.

Therefore, your farming approach should provide you the best chance to defeat your enemies with the least amount of time and work required.You should therefore figure out a technique to “rinse and repeat.”

There are many different missions you can choose from, and some of them can need you to do reconnaissance in safe areas. These are the missions you want to stay away from at all costs.

Your focus should be on the more challenging tasks and battles that will let you go back and explore previously visited regions.

Using the daily challenges will help you concentrate your efforts and level up quickly. Also, to determine which icon corresponds with the “Bonus XP” link, hover your cursor over the first of these icons.

Identifying the game mode you are eligible for before going to the Crucible to play that game mode until you have earned it will help you get the XP Bonus. As you advance through the game, the difficulty resets every 24 hours, ensuring that you never have to repeat a level or select the same response twice.

Do you need a boost for your gameplay?

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