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4 Engaging Strategies to Begin a College Essay

The ability to write a good essay is a prerequisite for success in university studies. Whether you have developed a skill or not so good at it, you can still write a great essay. It is good to know that there are certain rules when writing an essay, and it is advisable to follow them if you want to succeed by writing an essay. You also need an appropriate strategy or several. Best of all, there are several approaches to help you improve your writing skills.

A good strategy is half an essay, and you won’t need extra literature classes. There are several key steps you need to take in writing an essay to make it meaningful and interesting to your reader. If you want to delight your teacher, read some of our tips.

1. Choose a Topic Wisely

Since it is a literary genre, you need to express your opinion as well as excellent knowledge of a particular topic. However, you must always think about the style and language you use in writing. We had professional advice from essay writing services USA and they reminded us that we must not forget the grammar rules and everything else. To find a suitable topic, consult a teacher or research popular websites. Think about current issues, popular topics, but also those forgotten or not so popular. Very often an essay is based on a critique or analysis of parts of an essay, of course building one’s own attitude about it. The better topic you choose, the more you will intrigue the reader. Of course, if you achieve success in all the following phases, we are sure that great success awaits you.

2. Investigate the Topic in Detail


Before you decide on a topic, make sure that your knowledge of certain topics is comprehensive. This will keep you away from bad arguments, omissions in information and other mistakes that are the result of insufficient knowledge of the matter. If you want to be fully acquainted with a problem, you need to approach systematic research. In that case, you should not stop at just one written, critical or scientific work. Keep researching until you get enough information. It is advisable to take notes, read a lot, write down ideas and compare facts during the research. You will not be able to defend your personal position if you do not develop your reasoning when a certain topic is in question. It would be good to read the studies from the opposite point of view, it will shorten your work a lot. In the end, it will certainly help you build counter-arguments.

3. Write a Convincing Introduction

In the introduction, you should clearly indicate the topic you will write about, as well as the position you will take while writing. Taking a stand while writing is actually the hardest part of writing a well-structured essay. Finally, you should be able to explain in one sentence what your thesis is. It should be as narrow, specific and clear as possible. Remember that in the introduction you actually start writing an essay and be careful when choosing words.

A good introduction contains a summary of your statement and explanation. In order to create the best possible content and delight the reader, present immediately the main idea of ​​your essay. This section should cover the topic of the essay based on conclusions, arguments and evidence. Put your idea into one sentence. This is your claim, your main idea. However, your introduction is one short paragraph, just a sentence or two, that states your thesis (your main idea) and introduces your reader to your topic.

4. Hold the Reader’s Attention


So, it is not enough to choose an interesting topic or an interesting idea in the introduction. You need to keep the reader’s attention at all times, that is, keep the reader engaged while telling him the story. Your professor wants to know what will happen next and what the final point of the essay is. If you manage to guide the story in the right direction, the reader will remain focused on each part of your essay. To achieve this kind of reaction, be unique. This means that you will offer something unusual. If you have an experience that very few people have experienced or a story that only you know, do not be afraid to use it to your advantage. It is especially advisable to do this if that experience has changed you or helped you develop as a person. Pictures are also a good option. You remember when you were little, so you read illustrated books.

As you turn the pages, you are imagining yourself in another dimension, a fictional world, and you would be completely lost in the story you are reading or being read to you by adults. Regardless of age, people like to fantasize and imagine. Create a special book that will give the reader a similar experience. In this way, you will awaken positive emotions in him that can influence the final decision. Remember that it is very important to address their senses. In the end, that’s why the films are so successful. Thanks to them, we engage all emotions. Use the same tactics while writing an essay and you will achieve great success. You don’t have to offer the reader a heartbreaking story to provoke certain feelings in him. You can focus on the story of love, friendship, kindness, etc. The emotion of anticipation in the story is an equally good option.


If you have a problem with writing an essay, you don’t know where your arguments should start, or how you should edit the conclusion, don’t worry, there is a way that will make it easier for you. You need a good plan. Read a few other people’s essays to better understand what form a good essay should take. Find out about the topic of the essay and make a brief overview of everything you want to include in your work. It is important to come up with a basic concept that will include guidelines and notes. If you make a good introduction and sketch part by part, you will easily make a good conclusion. Don’t forget to organize your time well and start on time with essay writing

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