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Why Four Wheels Are Much Better Than Two Wheels

When it comes to transport, we have a number of different options open to us and some are more practical than others. People often talk about the benefits of having a motorcycle because it allows you to weave in and out of traffic jams and to get to your final destination much quicker. The thing that they fail to remember is that being on a motorcycle is a lot more dangerous than being inside a four wheeled vehicle and accidents statistics can back up this point. You need to consider the size of a motorcycle and the rider and then you can understand why other road users sometimes find it difficult to see them even when they’re wearing all of the reflective gear.

This is why it makes far more sense to purchase a four wheeled vehicle and if you are pondering over what your new transport is going to be then it might be a good idea to have a long hard look at the brand-new Land Rover Defenders from Nene Overland. The beauty about these particular vehicles is that they have 4×4 technology and so you get much better grip which allows you to stick to the road and keep your family safe at all times. If you are seriously considering purchasing a two wheeled vehicle instead of a four wheeled one then maybe the following benefits of sticking with the latter can help you to make a smarter purchasing decision.

  • It Is Much Safer


When you’re inside your four wheeled vehicle, you are protected all the time and many modern vehicles have multiple airbags placed all around. They use all of the latest technology to keep you and your family safe and modern cars even have the ability to warn you if you’re too close to the car in front or if your car is going to experience any mechanical difficulties. None of these things apply when it comes to 2 wheels especially when it comes to tinting your windows and all you have to protect you is your riding gear and your helmet.

  • You Cover Long Distances


Riding on a motorcycle for an extended period of time starts to take its toll on your body and especially your backside. You can only go so far on a motorcycle without having to pull over and rest and maybe even book a room for the evening. No such problem exists when you have a four wheeled vehicle because the manufacturers spend a lot of money making sure that you are incredibly comfortable inside their vehicles. This means that you can drive for hours on end in comfort and many people actually enjoy driving. There are four wheeled vehicles just for fun.

These are only two of the reasons why a four wheeled vehicle is much better than a two wheeled one and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more. It might seem a good idea now to purchase a motorcycle, but what happens when it starts to rain which happens frequently in this fantastic country of ours. Wouldn’t you much rather be warm and dry inside a 4×4 than outside in the rain and the cold.

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