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What Is the Darkest You Can Legally Tint Your Windows?

We have a lot of different affinities and hobbies, it all comes down to our preferences and personality. What you like to do is a huge part of you and it doesn’t matter what are you into as long as you do what you love.

There are a lot of us that like cars for instance, and there are a lot of things in that particular segment that you can do. From being just an enthusiast to being the one that likes to design inner and outer looks, do mechanics, race, flex, and so much more.

Car enthusiasts can do so much to their vehicles, but there is always some sort of catch. There are limits to where you can mod and change your car so it is still considered road legal. Everything over that limit falls into the category of highly tuned vehicles that are only suited for the track.

Today we will discuss a bit about modding your vehicle, to some extent, and we will tell you what you need to know regarding that. As you could read the topic of the day is window tints as one of the most favourite and easiest changes you can make to your vehicle that will set it apart from the rest. Before we dive into the article, if you are looking for someone to do your window tints professionally on home, office or vehicle, look no further than window tinting Outer Banks.


Now window tinting, as we already mentioned is something all of us do immediately, especially on our cars. It is the easiest, cheapest and fastest mod that will make your car stand out, or at least look a bit different from all the others. As you could read from the title, there are limits to which extent you may tint your windows to keep your car on the streets legally and safely.

Tinting your windows is nothing new. It isn’t a new concept and it wasn’t conceived as a fashion detail but it was an aesthetical part of a vehicle and a thing that was supposed to provide privacy. You probably didn’t know this but the first window tint was put on a car way back in 1966 but it didn’t last that long because it caused issues with heat, mostly inside of the car, which was very dangerous. Generation after we got new technology and a new type of window tints that were a bit more resilient, that produced way less heat in the car, and finally served its purpose by giving privacy and reflecting the heat of up to 50%. With new age come new technologies and the third-gen of window tints are now made as ceramic window tints that are longer-lasting, can’t peel or scratch and provide both UVA and UVB protection as well top-notch privacy.

After this brief and fly-by history lesson, all of you are interested in a few things like is it legal to tint your windows, can anyone do it, which ones are better, can you get a ticket for that and the most important question of them all how dark can you go!?


Well, today we will try to give you an answer to all of these questions, so let’s get started right away.

When the law is considered tinting your windows is legal but to some extent and that is variable from one place to another. The sad thing is that not all laws regarding this are in synchronisation. This means that in your country something is legal and fine while several hundred miles away in another country or state you are subject to a fine or even exclusion from traffic. If you are on the road and if you are travelling constantly you should check all the laws regarding window tints and see what is the middle ground for all of those just so you are sure you will not be having trouble because of your tints.

As far as tinting goes anyone can do it easily, meaning you can easily put it on your car, just be careful of the amount of darkness you can put it. You probably know that there are cars that come with tinted windows from the factory so there are no issues with these as far as they come with a certification. If you are wondering if anyone can install them, we would say no. Some places specialize in all types of tints and all types of tinting jobs, so we always recommend going with a professional that will do it the best. If you are tinting your car windows you need them to be spot on and without any bubbles, creases or defects that can impair your road vision and possibly cause any accidents.

As far as tint quality is considered there are a lot of options to choose from, but we would suggest that you go with carbon or ceramic tints. These are the best out there, they will provide the best UV protection, be more resilient and be scratch resistant which means you will have them on for a long time.


The last to fall into the same category and the answer to these is here. As far as the darkness goes, we advise that you check with your DMV and your local laws to see what is the allowed VLT or visible light transmittance that can go on your car windows. As far as we know, and as far as the law is considered no more than 70% VLT should be on your windows, especially your front and rear windshield. Some circumstances would allow you to maybe go over 70% but they include safety circumstances, medical conditions that need better UV protection besides your glasses and others. As a regular joe driver, you shouldn’t have more than 70% VLT on your tints and to answer one last question – Yes you can get a ticket, a hefty fine and even be asked to remove the tints on the spot if they are over the allowed limit.

The last piece of advice is to check everything, double and triple-check if needed to avoid any troubles with the police. Check local laws and state laws regarding this and you shouldn’t have any issues.

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